Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Premiering in the Fringe Festival 2012:

Two Video Works: Feature-less: where the audience replaces the feature film, and Brighter Future, where the King of Pop adds to the suburban heartland.

Feature-less: an experimental participative video work where the audience replaces the feature film. This “showing” challenges notions of the function of the audience in theatre. What happens when the film is removed from the cinema, and the spectator becomes both the object and subject of the gaze. Come and participate in &/or observe this experiment.

Feature-less will be "showing" at Paramount Theatre, 25 Courtenay Pl- ph 3844080; 1030 pm Saturday 11 February, 30 minutes duration.

Brighter Future: the King of Pop contributes to a video set in the New Zealand suburban heartland, where work and play get mixed up and turned into an endless rehearsal of moving backwards but looking forwards to a future perpetually just around the corner. This is a work that is most definitely not off-the-wall.

Brighter Future will be shown on the wall of The Embassy, (Marjoribanks St side); 9 pm Friday 10 February, 3 hours duration.

We would like to thank the Fringe, Kakano Funding and Creative NZ for their assistance with creating these new works.

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